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Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2019

The concept inspiration started with “Al Mekhwar” pattern that Emirati women dress. The pattern influenced the way project components are laid out at site, and how the site plan was integrated with the waterfront. The overall master plan was envisaged as dense masses with narrow shaded and air-conditioned corridors, yet provides wide-open courtyards that allow social gathering and interaction. The master plan allows for beams of lights that separates the various masses and provides vision to the outside edge of the development and creates connectivity to other adjacent developments. The design also addressed water and landscaping features as main components of the court yard approach of the Arabian and Islamic architecture. The master plans also were influenced with the orientation to SHK Zayed Mosque as a regional and area land mark. The central Plaza orients visitors toward a clear sight of the main access, and framing a unique picturesque of SHK Zayed Mosque. The traditional Souq announces itself by the provision of the old castle element at the gate of the development. The castle provides a watching platform that encourages people to walk up to a viewing platform where a unique view of both SHK Zayed Mosque as well as the development itself.

Dense masses with narrow shaded and air-conditioned corridor
Wide-open courtyards for social gathering and interaction.
A clear sight of the main access, and a unique view of SHK Zayed Mosque.
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