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Presented At
Cityscape Global 2017
Cityscape Global 2018

The project area is surrounded by Istasyon Street in the east, Kocasinan Boulevard in the north and the west and Ahmet Paşa Street in the south. The connection to Sivas Avenue and Kayseri Erkilet Airport, where the train route passes, is also very easy. The project area, which has been ruined in the sense of real estate values ​​and lost its economic value due to its oldness, is the most important position of the city due to its location. Such a transformation in the center of the city has a characteristic that can completely change the city's landscape. At the same time, the added value effect of real estate values ​​is predicted to be very high. It is aimed to solve the traffic, infrastructure, parking and similar problems by using the advantage of the location with an urban transformation project built by the Metropolitan Municipality. Since the project area is an urban transformation area, the process is very important as well as the architectural design of the masterplan project. For this reason, it is aimed to emphasize that the scope of the contest is that the process in which Kayseri municipality runs is well above the standards and it can inspire all the urban transformation projects to be carried out in the world. In this context, it is proposed to carry out studies with the European cities where the urban transformation projects like in Barcelona have been increased.

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Project Status:
Under construction
(Estimated) date of completion:
Total Floor Area:
1.112.000 m2
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