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Palm Hills New Cairo

Presented At
Cityscape Egypt 2019

Location: New Cairo

A new mixed-use community providing balance and diversity of housing types, natural backdrops, commercial services and recreational amenities for its residents and nearby visitors. It is influenced by the local area and is centered on creating a community of pedestrian-scale and tree shrouded neighborhoods.


  • Integrated, self-sufficient community
  • Commercial, hospitality and recreational amenities
  • 5KM to Cairo-Suez Road, 15KM to the AUC
  • 82% dedicated to open spaces, between lifestyle parks (dog parks, picnic parks), ridge parks and courtyard parks all with lush green and vivid flora
  • Iconic Shehab Mazhar architectural designs
  • Environmentally-friendly, striking master-planning and landscaping by SWA, USA-based firm
  • Exclusive community center for each neighborhood
Cityscape Project Data Info
Project Status:
Under construction
(Estimated) date of completion:
Total Floor Area:
2M Sqm (500 feddan)
Is this being launched at the event?: