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Presented At
Cityscape Global 2018

Located within Erciyes University’s campus the building is designed to be an addition to the already existing children hospital’s building of the Medical Faculty to provide oncology and hematology treatment for the terminally ill children, as it is a charity project it will be open to the public at minimal costs. The structure is built on a land of about a 27-meter square area, and its composed of 4 stories starting with the hematology and oncology polyclinics on the ground floor, bone marrow transplant polyclinic on the 1st, moving to the hematologic, oncologic, Neutropenic bone marrow transplant service rooms on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors, Underneath all is the basement holding the research laboratories and technical rooms. The building is designed to meet the children’s needs in terms of treatment, granted it mustn’t be an intimidating or repelling space, hence certain measures and design approaches were taken to make the premises feel more welcoming and child-oriented. For instance, addition color to what usually would be a monotone façade, and usage of visual aids easing the circulation throughout the building etc.

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Cityscape Project Data Info
Project Status:
Under construction
(Estimated) date of completion:
Total Floor Area:
8300 m2