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Pick of the Month May 2019

Investing in an alternative residence and citizenship unlocks the potential for high net worth individuals to become global citizens. We have paved the way for a better, brighter and safer future for more than 2,000 individuals and families in the past five years. We understand the driving forces behind the global citizenship movement, and we possess the grit, the knowledge and the extensive network of Certified Partners to empower high net worth individuals to join this movement.

Key drivers for investors

  • Mobility: Free travel is not only convenient but also fundamental freedom that global citizens enjoy.
  • Quality of life: Perceived individually, it is an important decision-making factor for high net worth investors who aim to ensure premium education, standard of living, environmental quality, social progress, and more.
  • Security: Individual and community safety as well as freedom in a broader socio-economic context is essential for all global citizens and particularly for those who come from politically distressed regions.
  • Health care and education: When considering relocation, applicants analyze the opportunities that the hosting country holds for all family members.
  • Taxation, retirement and succession planning: High and ultra-high net worth individuals diligently explore the effects of relocation and obtaining alternate residence and citizenship on their assets.

From the critical first step, choosing the right program, through the entire process of application and approval of the status, we are side by side with our partners to provide information, and assist with and secure the successful completion of the complex process for each Global Citizen.

Discover how to make the right choice

Every future Global Citizen starts their discovery process through the Arton Index, the industry benchmark that compares the features of the most attractive programs, and the Arton Matrix, which lists available options in an easy-to-follow table. To fine-tune their selection, investors move on to the Program Match tool to shortlist the program(s) that best meet their goals. These tools are just one of the unique features that Arton offers to its Certified Partners and their clients. Our relationship managers are leading the way by juxtaposing the unique status and needs of each investor to available programs for second residence and citizenship.

Benefits of working with Arton

  • Access to a world-class network of Certified Partners who are assigned to build the files and walk investors seamlessly through the process.
  • A bespoke array of services in the banking, accounting, legal and tax advisory fields.
  • A lifetime subscription to Global Citizen magazine, the industry’s leading lifestyle and business title.
  • Special pricing and exclusive benefits to the Global Citizen Forum, the industry’s leading conference designed to educate and promote the benefits of global citizenship.
  • Subscription to our publications.
  • Complimentary one-year membership to Quintessentially, the world’s premier concierge service.

Become a Global Citizen. Realise your potential.

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