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Presented At
Cityscape Global 2018

Embrace underwater luxury living and experience the extraordinary as The Floating Venice exquisitely delivers the best of Venice to the Middle East.

With a capacity of up to 3,000 guests daily, this magnificent floating resort will consist of 414 bespoke cabins spread over four levels. 180 of these as well as a the world’s first floating underwater spa and several food and beverage outlets will also be underwater, each giving breath-taking views of the surrounding rich coral seas.

A plethora of elegant boutique hospitality spots and traditional artisanal shops will bring the Venetian experience to life.  Throughout the year The Floating Venice will be a celebration of culture and the arts, where traditional festivals such as Carnivale di Venezia, Binnale di Venezia and Festa del Rendentore will bring the resort alive with the flair and heritage of Venice.

Journey through the beautiful canals around The Floating Venice on authentic gondola, step back in time and lose yourself to the romance of traditional Venetian transportation as a fleet of gondola imported from Venice are waiting to take you directly into your accommodation.

With 24 pools, 12 floating beaches and a plethora of water sports activities you will be spoilt for choice for aquatic fun, adventure and relaxation above and below the water.

Relax with rooftop cocktails al fresco watching the sun set over the immense Dubai skyline.  Discover some authentic Venetian delicacies at canal-side boutique restaurants, or enjoy a romantic dinner in an underwater restaurant with views into the Arabian Sea with your loved one.  There are 12 restaurants and bars to discover throughout the resort, 3 of which are located underwater.

It’s said that Venice is more than just a location, it’s a way of life, a unique state of mind.  A city born out of unconventional thinking, rising over the centuries as a home of palaces and theatres where nobility and artists lives intertwine.  It’s rich culture thriving, inspired by the duality of fluidity and firmness; a city which delicately balances land with water, nature with technology, grandeur with modesty and old with new.

Echoing the ancient city, The Floating Venice is inspired by its elegant facades, spaces and magnificent palaces.  A modern reinterpretation true to the spirit and ancient heritage of Venice and filled with the élan and heart of celebration.

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