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The City of Arabia, Dubailand, Dubai, UAE

Client: IMGMID

No. of Storeys: -

Services provided by P&T: Masterplanning Services 


City of Arabia is a self-contained city planned on 185 hectares of land accommodating 34,000 residents; the largest  shopping  mall  in  the  world; Mall  of  Arabia,  with  over  450,000  sqm of  retail  and  F&B  outlets;  the  Restless Planet; a dinosaur theme park, with over 100 animatronic exhibits; the Wadi Walk with Mediterranean  style apartments  with  cafes  and  shops  along the canals. The masterplan includes 34 high rise towers with offices, hotels and residences linked by a 10 km canal system and a monorail.

Cityscape Project Data Info
Total Floor Area:
3,753,000 sqm
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