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7 Nazih Khalifa
20 100 1272720

In March 2015, New Avenue first launched as a consultancy firm in Egypt with our first branch in El Korba, and later expanding to include a secondary office in New Cairo.

But, what defines a consultancy? For New Avenue, our core concern was ensuring that we simplify and act as a guide to all our clients during their property decisions. Our core concern is ensuring our clients pass through one of the toughest decisions in the easiest and least complicated manner that suits their needs.     

With over 90 carefully hand selected high-caliber team members, our key to success lies primarily in our people, as our sales team has the same key concerns as our target audience, and are of a similar segmentation, making them very knowledgeable in what our clients look for as well as understand the standards/needs of our clients in order to best satisfy them.                              


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