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The Parallel

Citibase, Level 1, Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank
United Kingdom
+44 7340714074

The Parallel creates a virtual reality solution to disrupt the sales processes for the real estate industry, we currently have solutions in 8 different countries across a range of development sites from Forecourts to multi billion pound sites. The solution :
1. Has been proven to increase sales by 80% through immersive experiences that put the client in their development before it's built
2. Reduces the cost of the marketing and sales campaigns by 20-30%
3. Opportunity to walk through and see your property developments before even laying a brick.
4. Increase relationships with investors through virtual site walks without them leaving their homes. 
5. Integration with CRM systems to track customer behaviour e.g. whether they like views or furniture etc.

Company Type: 
Consultant - Product Suppliers