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Nassima Tower - Trade Center 1 Shaikh Zayed Road
Office No 2103 , Floor No 21
United Arab Emirates

Al Abwaz is a Georgian company working in real estate, marketing and consulting services. It is active in several countries in the Middle East and Europe.
Al Abwaz offers products and services to its customers in about 11 countries:
(Britain – Turkey – Azerbaijan – Bosnia – Morocco – Georgia – UAE – Tunisia – Cyprus – Egypt)

Al Abwaz believes that real estate investment provides the safest and highest return, as it preserves the value of funds from corrosion, especially in the Arab countries, which are always exposed changes im their local currencies due to economic strikes thus reducing their purchasing power. Through its presence in a large number of countries and specialized technical teams, Al Abwaz offers its customers unconventional investment opportunities, with success factors, tangible investment income, annual investment, a safe environment for investment and a climate that stimulates the value of properties in the targeted countries.

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Broker/Agent - Developer